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A treasure of knowledge and a sure source of self-entertainment.
Dimensions : 17.77 X 7.655 mts
No of books : Over 30160.
Cost of books : 15 lakhs approx.
Annual Budget :3 Lakhs

Computer Lab
The Computer Lab is well equipped for students. Various education softwares are available to help our students.
Language Lab
The Math and the Language lab in the school is a place where learners can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. It is equipped with games, puzzles, tape recorders and other teaching and learning material to develop proficiency in math and language. The materials are used both by the students on their own and with their teacher. The activities allow students to visualize, manipulate and reason thereby motivating student’s learning attitude and providing an interactive learning environment in a stress free atmosphere.

The school has appointed coaches for various games. Training camps are held from time to time. Those who desire to play for the School and the House must register with the Physical Training Masters. The school has a big play ground and a Basketball court.
PlayGround Dimensions:- 108 mts x 67 mts
Games : Cricket, foot ball, volley ball, basket ball, hockey, athletics, table tennis, gymnastics and kho-kho.
Activity : Drill & Marching, dumbbells, skipping, Yoga.

The store supplies all text books, note books and stationery items.
The school arranges through this store all the necessary text books, note books & stationery items just before the academic year starts.

Parking Facility
For the safety of two wheelers of students, free parking facility is made available in the School Campus.

To provide wholesome and nutritious food the School runs a canteen.