Dayanand Anglo Vedic College Trust and Management Society was founded in the year 1885 to achieve the goals set up by Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati who was not only a social reformer and one the greatest patriots of his time – but also as Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore called him – “ great path – maker in Modern India”.
The Society was established to spread Maharshi Dayanand’s teachings and ideals for reviving the study of the Vedas and to bring about a social and moral change in the Indian Society, which at that time was in the clutches of ignorance, superstitions, blind faith, retrogressive practices and inhuman customs.
D.A.V. continues to propagate the message of the Vedas and the progressive views of Maharshi Dayanand along with making available to people the latest research in the sphere of Science, Technology and Education.
Today D.A.V. has become synonymous with Excellence in Education. During the past 125 years, the movement has taken a big leap forward by starting a chain of public schools in different states of our country. At present the D.A.V. is perhaps one single private organization, which is running, and managing more than 600 schools, colleges, medical and technical institutions in different states and far-flung areas of our country. D.A.V. also runs educational centres in some foreign countries like Nepal, Mauritius, Japan, U.K. and U.S.A.
The Rich Galaxy of  D.A.V Stalwarts
Millions of students have passed out of DAV Institutions and many of them have distinguished themselves in national and international fields. There is hardly a place of importance in the world where the alumni of the DAV Schools and Colleges are not found. Great men like Lala Lajpat Rai, Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh, Nobel Laureate Dr. Hargobind Khurana and, cricket doyens Kapil Dev and Mohinder Amarnath are amongst the rich galaxy of DAV stalwarts .
Managing Schools for the Private and Public Sectors
Deeply impressed by the excellent functioning of DAV Public Schools, a number of undertakings in the private and public sectors have entrusted the task of establishing and managing public schools for the benefits of the wards of their employees to the D.A.V. College Trust and Management Society. The Society has since set up more than fifty such schools in collaboration with Anpara Thermal Project, The Associated Cement Companies, Bhakra Beas Management Board, Bharat Coking Coal Ltd., Central Coalfields Ltd., Hindustan Cables Ltd., Hindustan Fertilizer Consultants (India) Ltd., Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd., Reliance Industries Ltd. and Vishkapatnam Steel Project. After rendering 50 years of selfless and glorious service to south Maharashtra through a network of DAV Colleges and Schools in Solapur, the DAV Society has now proposed to serve the students and citizens of Navi Mumbai and Thane.
D.A.V. Institutions in Maharashtra
In an extensive D.A.V. Educational Complex, a Law College, a College of Commerce, an Arts and Science College, a College of Education and a School for Boys and Girls are functioning at Solapur in Maharashtra. A Multi-faculty D.A.V. College has also been opened in Bhandup (Mumbai). In Maharashtra, apart from several institutions in Solapur, D.A.V. has a public school at Thane, Airoli, Nerul, New Panvel, Pune, Kharghar and Mulund. D.A.V. is managing J.H. Ambani School, Lodhivali (Raigad Dist.) since 1992.
D.A.V. Education Board
With a view to achieving a uniform level of education and simultaneously raising the standard of education in “D.A.V. Education Board” inter alia to conduct common Examination for Middle and Ninth class levels for all the D.A.V. Public/Model Schools .
Parents form an integral part of  D.A.V. education system
Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the Founder of D.A.V. and greatest Indian Educationist of 19th century made a clarion call to the parents regarding them as potentially the greatest teachers of their children. He advocated that they are the most capable people besides the teachers to inculcate and nurture the seeds of culture, tradition and values in the developing child.
D.A.V. schools have therefore laid much emphasis on child-centered education and interactive teaching-learning methods. This thus gives the parents opportunity to interact with the teachers and share their views and perceptions; their hopes and aspirations; and their anxieties and fears regarding their children.
Orientation Programmes at D.A.V. PUBLIC SCHOOL, NEW PANVEL
To create awareness among parents about the latest educational concepts; seminars, exhibitions and lectures are conducted regularly.
There are sustained efforts to orient the teaching community and the students to imbibe the essential features of all philosophical and spiritual traditions and thoughts.
Activity based learning programmes
Adding fun to education and making life in the schools a thoroughly enjoyable experience through innovative educational programmes and activity-based learning methods is another significant aspect of our educational programme. There is a periodic display of charts, models and illustrated fun activities and projects made by children, teachers as well as the parents.
Pre-Primary Section
General Objectives
  • To make the children feel wanted and loved in order to fulfil their emotional needs.
  • To enhance language ability by using language skills.
  • To foster independence and self – reliance in daily activities in order to promote free growth of personality.
  • To stimulate muscles by constant use i.e. physical and motor development.
  • To help children in their social development.
  • To facilitate development of cognitive skills.
  • To encourage children to develop their own creative ability and to give opportunity to express their creativity.
  • To explore experiment and in the process discover new ideas and skills.
  • To give children a wealth of experience to understand the world around them.
  • To inculcate positive values i.e. moral development through prayers, poems and stories.
  • To initiate the child towards aesthetic appreciation. 
Value based Education
At a time when high intensity Cultural transitions are taking place. D.A.V. Public School Panvel with its value-based educational programmes provide opportunity to the students to have an insight into the spiritual and moral values reflected in our rich cultural heritage.
Leadership  Developmental Activities
To encourage initiative, Team Work, Co-operative Competition and to develop Organizational Skills, students are constantly given self learning educational project activities.
Sports Highlights
  • Recreational Sports
  • Musical Drills
  • Regular workshops and training camps
  • Fun with Gymnastics
  • Incentives for excellence in sports
  • Sports related Audio/Video exposure
D.A.V. School, Panvel aims at training and preparing the students for future challenges. In view of the fast changing socio-cultural context and the growing need for integrating technology, we here, offer an intensive computer initiation and training to the learners. Another significant aspect of our computer training is to enable, the learners to direct the computer learning towards evolving effective assimilation of knowledge. Through Multimedia and ON-line Internet Services, the school offers a vibrant and interesting global educational exposure to the learners.
The evaluation and examination services being offered in our school aim at periodic, diagnostic assessment of the learner’s acquisition of knowledge and skills. Instead of summative evaluation on the basis of comprehensive continuous assessment. The evaluation method for std. I to II is based on the performance in the four tests during the academic session along with the comprehensive continuous assessment. From std III to X we follow the CBSE set rules.
The library services form an integral part of our vision of quality education. The school timetable, the instructional methods and the non-formal assessment projects shall encourage the use of the library services. Through periodic orientation programmes / workshops and inter-house competitions, the interest for reading shall be further promoted. The other significant highlights of the library services are:
  • Open – shelf system.
  • Availability of the books for the parents
  • Access to classified information/reference section.
Cultural Activities
The Cultural Activities at D.A.V. School Panvel are considered to be an effective means of educational training and learning. The school wishes the students and teachers to be earnest about these activities as we feel that apart from scholastic efficiency the proper development of the personality and the attitudes are equally essential. To achieve the objectives of health, hope and harmony, the school proposes to offer comprehensive package of creative and cultural activities. The school is committed to reflect new educational perspective and initiative.
For securing admission for a pupil the parent/guardian has to first register the name of his ward by filling in the prescribed Registration Form. Admission is given on the basis of comprehensive assessment/interaction. There is no test/interview for the preprimary students. Admission is confirmed only after the payment of fees and on submission of the School Leaving Certificate/Original Municipal Birth Certificate. If the candidate comes from a school outside Maharashatra State, the School Leaving Certificate has to be countersigned by the competent Education Officer. Parents shall check the correctness of the entries in the school leaving certificate/birth certificate before submitting them in the school. No subsequent change or correction will be permitted in the documents.
Leaving the School
If a student is to be withdrawn from the school, a written intimation to that effect must be given by the parent/guardian at least one month in advance in the prescribed form. All the fees and other dues are to be paid before leaving the school. Fees paid at the time of admission will not be refunded at any stage. However, Deposits or Caution Money, if any, will be refunded at the time of leaving the school.
Fees Payment
Monthly Tuition Fees are payable for all 12 months. They are to be paid before the 20th of each month. For delayed payment a fine of Rs. 25 per month is charged.
Fees for the month of April and May should be paid before the beginning of the Final Exams. If fees are not paid for two consecutive months, the name of the student will be struck off from the roll. The parents must ensure that all the fees are positively paid on time.
School Bus
Those who would want to avail the school bus facility must register the name of their wards at the time of admission.
Every registration is for 12 months. The bus charges for 12 months will have to be paid at the time of bus registration, and once paid they will not be refunded.
Every possible care will be taken of the child to ensure of his/her safety and security. However, in case of any mishap or injury to a student the school will not be responsible.
Bus service will be kept regular and punctual as far as possible but in case of breakdown due to some unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the bus owner or the school, parent should arrange to take the students to and from the school. 

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